Juan Carlos Buitrago Ortiz

Colombian Food Bank Network - ABACO

Juan Carlos Buitrago, Physician and Surgeon, MBA, PhD Candidate. For more than 10 years he has been working in the social arena, leading the implementation of public policy for comprehensive early childhood development in Colombia. He was manager of the Buen Comienzo program in Medellin. Author of the Early Childhood Development Public Policy of the Department of Antioquia, he was the National Director of Early Childhood of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare where he coordinated the implementation of the strategy From Zero to Always that serves 2 million children in Colombia. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Colombian Food Bank Network – ABACO, which is made up of 22 food banks that specialize in fighting hunger. ABACO has delivered 45,000 tons of food this year, impacting the nutrition of 1.8 million people in vulnerable conditions.