Magdalena Rego


Magdalena Rego is Corporate Governance Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) at IFC. She joined this institution in 2010 and since then has been developing regional work and representing Latin America and the Caribbean in different global practice groups of the Corporate Governance Department. Mari­a Rego also coordinates key regional efforts, such as IGCLA and the Latin American Business Circle program.

Prior to joining IFC, she gained extensive experience in the private sector working for Siemens AG in a regional position, engaging directly with C-level executives and key business stakeholders in the region. She graduated with honors from the Universidad de los Andes de Chile as a journalist, completed her master’s degree in Communications and Business Management at the Austral University in Buenos Aires, and completed a training program in Strategic Marketing Management at the Columbia Business School. She has been a visiting professor at CESA since 2016 and coordinates efforts from the IGCLA to train board members at the highest level in the region.