Maria Andrea De Villa

Center for Corporate Governance Studies (CEGC) of CESA

Maria is a tenured professor at the College of Higher Studies in Administration (CESA), she has a Masters and Ph.D. in Administration from the Universidad de los Andes, and is a Sanitary Engineer from the Universidad de Antioquia.

Maria Andrea De Villa and Alexander Guzman are founders and co-directors of the Center for Corporate Governance Studies (CEGC) of CESA, founding members of the Colombian Institute of Corporate Governance (ICGC), advisers in the implementation of good governance practices, and members of the Network of Latin America for Academic Research on Corporate Governance from the OECD, IFC and the World Bank.

Their research projects in corporate governance have the support of the World Bank Group through the IFC, the Swiss Embassy (SECO), the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, the Ministry of National Education, the Colombian Stock Exchange, the Superintendence of Companies, the Financial Superintendency, and the Private Competitiveness Council, among others.