Dr. Richard Swannell


Richard is an environmental scientist with a strong track record of leading teams which tackle plastic pollution, reduce food waste and deliver more sustainable practices within businesses.

Richard leads WRAP’s international work, working with partners in over 35 countries to deliver systemic change, particularly within the global food system. WRAP is a not-for-profit organisation based in the UK that aims to cut waste around the world and deliver a Net Positive future.

WRAP’s programs, such as the Courtauld Commitment, inspire and deliver change, for example helping reduce food waste across the UK supply chain by 27% or 1.7 Mt/y. One of WRAP’s most recent success stories has been the amount of surplus food redistributed rather than going to waste. Surplus food redistribution has tripled since 2015 in the UK, with 92,000 tonnes (worth US$400million) re-distributed to food charities in 2020.